Statement 2004

I’m interested in showing space-time as a combination of form and content. As an object goes faster, its mass becomes compressed and denser. An object in relation to others forms a gravitational field. Imposing a system of perspective on a three-dimensional or relief sculpture provides a way to simulate this space-time by added the illusion of another dimension.

I want to show an object and what the object is about, tell a story, give it context. I started making clay perhaps because it was so definite, even literal. It can’t be reduced beyond its dimensional boundaries, as a painting can be described simply as a flat planar field. A sculpture is subject and object described by form, revealed by content. Form and content are rough or smooth, flat or round, soft or hard, shiny or dull; explicit or implicit, harmonious or contradictory, representational or abstract. It is honest. It is simply what it is.

Right now I alternate between abstract and architectural pieces and more detailed figurative and narrative works. As my work develops, I may focus on one or the other or a combination, or continue alternating. Since moving from the city, nature has become an ever-present stimulus and interest and the landscape will be a new influence.

There’s a difference between using or exploiting a material for its intrinsic qualities and mastering a material to carry an idea. I’ve long been guilty of overly-emphasizing a concept or preconception, but never quite understood where the balance changed. As I've learned more about ceramic art, as categorically distinct from sculptural art, the history and strength of clay as pure form and material has been revealing, balancing out the idea.