WHO: a boy, a girl, a child, a man, a woman, a person, an animal, a husband, a wife, mother, father, killer, thief, longshoreman, tailor, seamstress, nurse, accountant, artist, scientist, plumber, chef, doctor, leader, follower, card shark, grifter, developer, whore, handyman, carpenter, sailor

WHAT: ball, toy, hat, glove, car, table, lamp, shoe, duck, plant, telephone, vase, book, bridge, water, tree, memory, leaf, reed, flower, chair

WHEN: at dawn, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night, at dusk, in twilight, at midnight, at noon, early morning, late afternoon, evening

WHERE: the hiding zone, above a cloud, beneath a stone, in a crowd, all alone, by the light of a star, in the night, in a bar, somewhere loud, somewhere quiet, in a blizzard, in the mud, in your smile, in your blood, in the future, in the past, in a dusty ancient text

WHY: desperately, simply, by mistake, with determination, with fear, with hope, to escape, to stay, in a pickle, in a jam

HOW: barking, groaning, crying, <>, exploding, meowing, with baited breath, speaking, laughing, silently, limply, rigidly, stealthily, sternly, angrily, fleetingly, cozily, seductively, annoyingly, playfully, sneakily, stupidly, honestly, madly, whimsically, carelessly